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1st thing I’m doing after coronavirus lockdown is good D – Amara Maduka


Nollywood actress, Amara Maduka, has stated that once the coronavirus lockdown is over, she will be getting for herself a good s3x.

According to voluptuous actress, she doesn’t even care where the sex would be coming from since she doesn’t consider herself to be in any serious relationship.

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“The first thing I’d do when the Lockdown is over is to get some really good sex, don’t ask me where from. You know toys are great, but when you have so much time on your hands like we all do now, you get to think about things you really haven’t had time to think about.

”Like how the little things in life, like good sex really matter, considering the fact that we only live once and we’ve all seen how fragile life is in the past weeks. I’m not having enough sex as a spinster.

”My peaches is the least used part of my body and it’s not fair on the innocent organ. With all the deaths happening around us, I can’t stop thinking “what if?”. No one is sure of anything anymore these days.

”One has to really take a shot at this one life. I have been making due with my toys even though they’re beginning to bore me,”

On her relationship status;

”I did meet someone not too long but I still consider myself single. I’m really taking my time because I don’t want to rush. I’ve dated myself for so long it feels a bit awkward letting someone in but we’re taking it slow and he seems to understand.

”I don’t sit around with “plans” for marriage or babies.. I’m not trying to be anybody’s wife, literally. It’s great when marriage and kids happen for anyone but I don’t see them as priorities at this point in my journey.

”If God blesses me with them, I would happily play my role as expected but before then, I got a life to live and things to do,” she added


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