Home ENTERTAINMENT Burna Boy seemingly shades Davido over ‘greatest singer post’

Burna Boy seemingly shades Davido over ‘greatest singer post’


Burna Boy made a suggestive post on social media, as he seemingly threw a shade at Davido over his ‘greatest singer of all time’ post.

Taking to Twitter earlier this afternoon, Davido wrote that he and Wizkid are the greatest Nigerian singers of all time.

He wrote;

“The 2 greatest of all time ! No Billed cap”

In reaction to his post, many fans were quick to point out that Davido omitted Burna Boy – who had earlier referred to himself as the best.

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Not quite long after Davido made his post, Burna Boy took to Instagram to make a post of his, that suggested he was throwing a shade.

Burna wrote on his Insta stories;

‘you cannot play football, everybody knows you cannot play football and you are an embarrassment to the team But your daddy bought the football team. “

Though he did not directly mention Davido, many fans have claimed that he was insinuating the singer bought his career. One fan wrote;

“Burna boy don landFace with tears of joy
Let me interpret

You cannot sing
Everybody know u cannot sing
U ar embarrassment to d music industry
Ur papa buy your career for youFace with tears of joy

My own is that davido should face Burna and stop attaching WizkidUnamused faceSmirking facePouting facePouting face reply Burna with ur chest stop dat nonsense”