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Covid-19: The world will wish it intervened if Nigeria falls – Fareed Zakaria


CNN anchor, Fareed Zakaria, has warned the world about neglecting Nigeria in its bid to curtail the spread of the deadly Covid-19 pandemic in the country.

According to Fareed, the world cannot afford to let Nigeria explode over the coronavirus pandemic.

Taking to Twitter, Fareed in a video noted that the world leaders are not coming together to ensure that the virus is totally annihilated.

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He said:

“we would not be able to get back to anything resembling normal life unless the major powers in the world are able to find a way to cooperate and manage these problems together”.

He said while developing countries, including Nigeria, have recorded relatively lesser cases so far, there is a tendency that they could be hit hard by the disease.

On the economic impact of the disease, Zakaria said owing to the drop in the demand for oil globally, the implications for countries like Nigeria could be “political turmoil, refugees, revolutions, crackdowns, maybe terrorism”.

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“All of these might happen on a scale we haven’t seen for decades,” he said.

The outbreak has generated a global discourse, with several stakeholders reacting and making donations worldwide.

The COVID-19 pandemic started in December 2019 in Wuhan, Hubei province of China.

The disease has spread to over 200 countries, infected over a million people and led to at least 60,000 deaths.

On a positive side, over 20 percent of confirmed cases worldwide have recovered from the disease — even though there is no known vaccine or cure for it.


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