DO THE RIGHT THING -Godson Azubike Benneth


It is evil to show solidarity in bad events but not celebrate good things. When something tragic happen to a fellow, even their enemies call to console them but a friend will not come to your wedding or house warming party because he was not invited(properly). Were you invited for the burial before you showed solidarity?

We can do better than giving a cold shoulder when we are not invited for that celebration. Believe me, most of those omissions we hold grudges against were not willful. Organising an event can make you forget those you never would believe you can forget. Sir when that friend is wedding and didn’t give you an invitation card but informed you, attend and move on.

Grace the occasion because its a once in a life time event. Support that colleague of yours in that joyous event. It is suspicious to show solidarity only when the event is tragic but find fault with protocols of invitation when it calls for celebration.

Many people can’t help you out in that vision, school fees or program but will donate for hospital bill, burial or police case. Some people have for friends only those who spend on just going out, parties and frivolities but are always out of cash when it gets to meaningful investment of their future. Beloved you need friends and not human agents dedicated to your delay, distraction or destruction. Do you truly have friends?

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