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Facts about Rev. Chris Christian, Shepherd of Mankind as He turns 54 today


Truth of Rev. Chris Christian, humanity’s Shepherd as he turns 54 recently

Rev Chris Christian was birthed to Mr. Reuben and Mrs. Phoebe Ezeama’s family on June 26, 1969.

He is a Umuchu indigenous of the Local Govt of Aguda. State area of Anambra, Nigeria.

He joined elementary and high school in Umuchu Anambra, his hometown.
He graduated from the respected university of Jos, Nigeria with a Bachelor of Physics degree.

From his adolescence, Rev Chris ‘ love for God’s things began where he was kindly called “Brother Chris.”

He is the General Supervisor of the Transnational Ministries of the Locust Army, a ministry that took out from a Kano State room apartment in 1996 with a demographic of over hundred representatives.

Under his governance, the religious community has witnessed widespread target group spread around Nigeria and abroad’s major cities.

The congregation, situated at Addo Road Ajah Lagos State, Nigeria’s head office.

Over 160 intellectual and inspiring books have been published by Rev Chris Christian.
A Eunuch is Rev Chris.
He has no single asset to his name as it belongs to the Church all he has obtained.

Rev. Chris Christian is a man of unquestionable values, dominated by vision, integrity and royal disposition and the consecration of his mission.

He has Mentored over one thousand people, who are doing well in their various disciplines.

He is Popularly known as The Shepherd of Mankind.

Happy Birthday to the Shepherd of Mankind as you add another year to your age, May God grant you all your heart desires on this day.

Happy Birthday Daddy


Emeka Franklin .O


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