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“I regret being used by Pastor Chris Okafor, others to stage fake miracles” –Woman arrested for controversial healing.


A 44-year-old woman, Bose Olasukanmi, who was used by several pastors to perform fake miracle in their churches has expressed regret for allowing herself to be used by Pastor Chris Okefor and other Nigerian Pastors

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The woman’s fake miracle was brought to light in October, 2019, after several videos of her being ”healed’‘ of her bad hand, surfaced online.

She said;

“If I knew they would put my videos on the social media, I would not do it (the fake miracle). It is poverty that pushed me into it. When my husband died, I could not use my hands to do anything. I am a widow; there was no helper for me. If I knew it would lead to this, I would not have followed the girl (burst into tears).

“Yes. In fact, I am ready to take the police to all the churches because I am tired. All the pastors should be arrested. I can confront them with everything I just said. They cannot deny that they don’t know me. I know I have made a mistake doing this, but I am tired. I regret doing what I did”.

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