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LOCKDOWN & DIRTY The Masked Rider and The Climb are the Covid-safe sex positions you’ll be dying to try during lockdown


IF you are wondering how you’re going to fill your evenings at home for the next month, why not try out these sex positions with a lockdown twist.

With the gyms shut you can kill two birds with one stone and get some exercise in with these saucy moves – while ensuring your face mask doesn’t kill the romance.

Sexual wellness brand LELO shares four positions guaranteed to get your heart racing, and they minimise face-to-face contact.

Some are classic positions with a new twist, while they also encourage couples to use lockdown to explore new sensations and moves together.

The Masked Rider

This position allows your partner to easily access your erogenous zones, heightening your pleasure.

To master it, have your partner lie down and then straddle them, facing away from them – just like reverse cowgirl.

LELO said: “This position is perfect for cowgirls wanting to be in control.

“LELO encourages you to play around with motions and angles as much as you want!

“Plus, as you have easy access to your clitoris this is the perfect position to use a vibrator or stimulate yourself with your hands and you grind up against your partner.”

The Climb

This works best if you have a staircase handy – but we don’t recommend trying it out in a communal stairwell.

This move is perfect for “mixing up the scenery”, and shows hallways can be sexy too.

LELO advises: “Think of doggy-style sex on the stairs – the position takes advantage of the inclination and steps to create new angles and supports for an original position.

If you need to spice things up – try using the stairs as a backdrop for love making
“The partner at the back will be standing.

“The stairs allow the partner at the front to get more height, they can be standing or kneeling.”

Although they added if your stairs aren’t carpeted, pop down a towel or blanket so your knees don’t get sore.

Masked Embrace

The Masked Embrace is perfect for couples looking to explore new positions, but if you’re in lockdown alone this is also great for some solo fun.

LELO explains how to master it, saying: “Lie face down on the bed, legs straight and hips slightly raised.

“Have your partner lie on top of you. For deeper penetration come up to your knees.

Your face is turned away from your partner, so you can both forget about your masks
“This position creates a snug fit to allow you to feel close to your partner, even without being face-to-face.

“For those singletons in desire of trying a similar position, use a sex toy with a base so that it can be secured to a surface, or secure your toy between two pillows for that special sensation.

“Lowering yourself on to a sex toy can be an excellent way to mix it up at home.”

Go Tantric

You may have heard of tantric before but never explored it – and now’s the perfect opportunity.

This is all about finding new experiences with your partner, with a focus on eye contact and touching – perfect if you’re wearing a mask.

LELO advises: “Try connecting in other ways such as synchronised breathing, or touch and play that is with your eyes closed and lead-by the sensation of touch.

Tantric is all about eye contact -perfect if you’re wearing a mask – and finding a deeper connection

Tantric is all about eye contact -perfect if you’re wearing a mask – and finding a deeper connection
“The basics of tantric sex are all about connection which can be done through breathing and eye contact.

They added that this experience is all about building anticipation and increasing desire.

They added: “Focusing on areas of the body that you wouldn’t usually during sex can help build erogenous zones and take your attention elsewhere.”