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My Igbo’s Brothers, Let Us Live In Peace. Kanu Is Only A Boy Who Have Nightmare Avoid Him.


Nnamdi Kanu is not helping Nigeria’s matters. Let unite, Igbo are great alone, but will be greater with Nigeria.

” I want to commend Chief Alex Anozie the Ezendigbo of Ibadanland for cautioning the so called IPOB leader.

I’m happy that there are still reasonable leaders among the Igbos who are to caution this upcoming boys.

Where are other elders of the Igbos? The northern youth have respect for their elders and that was why they called off the Quit order.

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Igbo elders check KANU and let Nigeria live in peace.

Buchi thanks for your observation of Kanu’s mental state of mind. As much as I respect Igbos. I am still surprise that nobody takes the entire Igbo’s name so low.

What is the actually problem with my Igbo brothers? Your parents live us to be one Nigeria. But is so unfortunate that the elders are still silence.

So Nnamdi KANU can fled into hiding? And you Igbos are here and suffering, many of you can’t go out on Sundays to worship anymore.

It observed that a child that won’t allow his mother to sleep as well won’t be allowed to do so.

Thanks you. One love Nigeria”.

The man on the photo wrote


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