Home POLITICS My salary as Speaker was N400,000, allowance N25m monthly — Dogara

My salary as Speaker was N400,000, allowance N25m monthly — Dogara

My salary as Speaker was N400,000, allowance N25m monthly — Dogara
My salary as Speaker was N400,000, allowance N25m monthly — Dogara

Former speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, said yesterday his total allowance in office was N25 million and salary N400,000 monthly.

The clarification Dogara said was necessary, following public misconception that members of the National Assembly earned huge salaries and allowances.

Recall that Yakubu Dogara was the Speaker of the 8th Assembly. Speaking during a Goodwill message at the two days ‘House Open Week 2024’ organised by the House of Representatives as part of the celebration of 25 years of unbroken democracy in the country,

Dogara said it was important Nigerians allowed their representatives to work and limit the financial demands on them .

He said further that the misconception of huge salaries and allowances by Nigerians had given the National Assembly a negative image, to the extent that lawmakers were called thieves at public fora.

The former speaker said he suffered the same fate as a member of the House of Representatives and as speaker because of the belief by Nigerians that lawmakers collect millions as salaries and allowances monthly at the expense of Nigerian workers.

Dogara noted that, his salary was N400,000 while he had the sum of N25 million monthly as the Speaker of the 8th Assembly.

He said: “While I was speaker, my salary was N400and my total allowance was N25 million. I told my accountant to open a separate account for the allowances and I never for once took any money out of that account. Everything that came into that account was used to cater for the needs of constituents.

“My accountant complained of the level of demand on the account and I told him if the money there is finished, borrow, when money comes in, you return to were you had taken money from.

“I am saying this so Nigerians will give their legislators breathing space and know that the narrative is not true about members pay.”

He said as a result of the speculations about the earnings of the members of the 8th House, he ordered that the breakdown of the House budget be made public, including what he was entitled to as the speaker.

He, however, noted that the practice discontinued, which gave room for the continuation of speculations and outright lies about the earnings and entitlements of lawmakers till date.

Dogara further acknowledged the notion that Nigeria’s democracy was expensive, adding that many countries were complaining about the cost that comes with the practice and maintenance of democracy.

He, therefore, challenged the country’s political scientists to help fashion out an alternative, homegrown form that would be less expensive and meet the yearnings and needs of Nigerians.



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