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Nigerian civil war survivor bags a Ph.D. at 73 


A 73-year-old Nigerian woman, Florence Nwando Onwusi Didigu, has bagged a Ph.D. in Communication, Culture and Media Studies from Howard University in the U.S.

On April 26, 2020, Florence Nwando Onwusi Didigu, 73, defended dissertation and future book titled, “Igbo Collective Memory of the Nigeria – Biafra War (1967-1970): Reclaiming Forgotten Women’s Voices and Building Peace through a Gendered Lens.”

It’s the fourth degree the former NTA producer and broadcast regulator. Didigu also battled shingles, which paralyzed the right side of her face and she lost her voice for some time.

According to her: “The day the Nigeria-Biafra War ended, I, like everyone was wallowing in anxiety and fear about what would happen to us as the vanquished. .

A very optimistic gentleman came over to me and asked: ‘Why are you so sad; can’t you see you have survived this terrible war?’ .

I stood up, even though the Nigerian Airforce was on its last bombing raid, and leaped up in the air in mad glee, repeating to myself and others: ‘Yes, I have survived, I am a survivor!’ .

This powerful survival instinct in me, which I call daring, and God’s help, are what made me overcome all personal challenges during my doctoral program and get to where I am today!