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“No more having sex in the dark with your husband.


A Nigerian Gospel Singer Patience Akpabio has shared her view on the kind of Children produced during sex by different parents. She said;

”This is 2020, turn the lights on. Children produced in darkness have a different view of the world than those produced in light. Let us light up our world in the bedroom so we can have transparency and positive energy in this world” — Gospel Singer, Patience Akpabio tells women.

She continued to say:” No more children with the name okon but now children with name transparency or uwana which means evidential”

“Sex in the dark room makes the mans pen to behave like a blind man but light in the room directs the pen to the book of the woman without ndutin””

”The word boyfriend does not mean sex but a relationship that helps develop the mind powers between the two people involved for future progress. But almost everyone believe the concept of boyfriend to involve sex, sex is for married couples.”

“Boyfriend means engage a virgin but if her character is not good with you drop her no settlement because there was no sex. Read 1 Corth 7:35-38”