Ogbaide Smart Narrates Encounter with the Boko Haram Terrorist Group


    A person recognized as Ogbaide Smart who spoke with a reporter from osmeknews tells of his meeting with the Nigerian terrorist group from Boko Haram.

    As said by Smart Ogbaide, Monday June 2nd 2014 is a day that I would never forget in my existence, a day that in both my heart and mind will last forever.

    Ogbaide Smart

    On that Gracious Day, a group of individuals dressed like troops invaded our area in Borno state Nigeria’s Gwoza Local Government Area, they came with automobiles, I saw them, looking at stuff that I thought something was about to happen. I discovered that I rushed inside quickly to notify my parents, but I couldn’t find them needless to say.

    Suddenly in my group they began firing and killed people, burning buildings. We were very scared and individuals were starting to scream Boko Haram! Haram’s Boko! This was when the mass killing of innocent individuals, including my relatives, started. I ran Goshe’s next village.

    I noticed that when I got there, they also attacked individuals there. I almost wanted to give up, but to run into fellow survivors, God interceded. It was only then that my soul tells me that I wasn’t alone because we were running, they (survivors) said about five townships were being attacked by these men (Boko Haram).

    Especially I was confused because I didn’t understand any of them. I started running with these individuals until we reached the village of Attagara, we were very grateful that there was no enemy presence. We decided to build a short term settlement tent for a few of them.

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    Without having to think about my family and loved ones, I can not even sleep at night. We began hearing a loud of guns from this same rebel group attacking again after a week at exactly 2 am, we jumped off and managed to land in the regional capital of Maiduguri, not noticing that maiduguri was the center of the war.
    Some of my fellow survivors died and others were severely wounded.

    Few survivors came to the state of Kano. I was pleased when I reached Kano not only because kano was 100% secure, but rather because I got someone there. I was locating the house of my in-law Idemudian Peter. I was there for a few months and he prompted me to move out in the first few months because he would be going to the UK. He gave me some cash to look after me.That was how I moved from Kano to Niger state.

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    From there, I encountered a group of people who were planning to travel to Libya and I explained my horrific experience to them in extreme detail to know if they could help, they were surprised after my clarification, some of them cried, I recall when one of them said “bros I don’t know say I’m going to see an individual who owns pass my own,” they welcomed me and really helped me out to Libya.