OkadaBan: Improve The Quality of Life and the Standard of living of the People – Fela Durotoye


    A Nigerian business consultant, leadership expert, and motivational speaker, Adetokunboh Olufela Durotoye has sympathized  with the people of Lagos, having gone through pain because of the OkadaBan. He narrated what some of his staff have gone through due to the Ban of Okada by the state Governemet

    He wrote:

    ”It’s hard to imagine the pain millions of people in Lagos are having to go through because of the  OkadaBan … My staff narrated his ordeal in getting to work today … the time delay, the scarcity of transport, the fare hike and I can only imagine what it would be like in the coming days.
    One of the functions of Government is to IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF LIFE & THE STANDARD OF LIVING of the people .
    So far, this policy has clearly not improved the quality of life & standard of living.
    A policy with such huge ramifications should not be a knee-jerk reaction by Government to perceived & real challenge.
    Every challenge is an opportunity to find collaborative ways to create innovative solutions that solve the problems & creates value to all stakeholders.
    Implementing such solutions must be planned & communicated well in advance with alternatives in place. So that no one has to go through any form of suffering by reason of government policy change.
    I urge Lagos State Government to regulate the industry rather than an outright ban that causes so much pain & suffering.

    It is important for the government to rethink this policy & it’s implementation in a way that provides better alternatives for all stakeholders first the people (commuters), then the operators & then the investors.

    There is a right way & a wrong way to solve a problem. We must seek to find the right way that does not create further suffering.

    I also urge Employers/School Teachers to show understanding to the current realities their staff & students are going through in this season.”