Home SOCIAL MEDIA Senator Ben Murray Bruce loses wife to Cancer

Senator Ben Murray Bruce loses wife to Cancer


The Author of ‘A Commonsense Revolution’, Senator Ben Murray Bruce has lost his wife to Cancer. He took to twitter today to express his grief.

He twitted this:

I’m broken. Just lost my beautiful wife to cancer. She was my best friend for 43 years and my wife for 41 years. Cancer is real, but it shouldn’t be a death sentence – awareness, and early detection and treatment are key to survival. I miss her so so much. I’m broken.‬

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‪Our children are devastated, I am too. But I have to be strong for them. Please put our family in your prayers. Like the sun, my wife was a blessing and touched the lives of everyone she met. Though she’s gone, she’d remain alive in our hearts forever. ‬

‪I miss you, my sweetheart, and my most beautiful girl, Evelyn Murray-Bruce. Forever yours, ❤️.‬