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Sex For Grade: Stop going to lecturers unnecessarily – Minister

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Sex For Grade: Stop going to lecturers unnecessarily – Minister

Adamu Adamu,The minister of education, has advised female students to stop going to lecturers unnecessarily.

He gave the advise on Tuesday at the unveiling of a policy document against sexual harassment by the University of Port Harcourt (#UNIPORT).

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Mr. Adamu also warned students against harassing their lecturers. “The federal ministry of education is embarrassed with the allegations of sexual harassment in Nigerian higher institutions. .

Girls should read their books and be able to defend their certificates. They (female students) should stop going to lecturers unnecessarily and should not harass their lecturers.

We are recommending UNIPORT’s sexual harassment policy to other higher institutions in Nigeria,” he said.

The school’s vice chancellor, Ndowa Lale, explained that the document defined the rules of engagement between lecturers, administrators and students, including visitors to the university.

“The document unambiguously defines what constitutes sexual harassment and the sanctions to be taken against those who wittingly and unwittingly infringe on its provisions in the line of duty.

Henceforth, lecturers and administrators who do not remember to sew zippers in front of their trousers should be ready to bear the consequences of their amorous liaison with female students.

Any Juliet (female student) who blackmails vulnerable male students or their colleagues into amorous sexual liaisons should be ready for the long arm of the policy on sexual harassment.

Also, visitors who believe that the university is a happy hunting ground for cheap sex should think again, as they would be apprehended, held liable and prosecuted in line with relevant provisions of the policy,” said.