Home NEWS COVID-19: Don’t pay electricity bill for 3 months – Gov’t tells Nigerians

COVID-19: Don’t pay electricity bill for 3 months – Gov’t tells Nigerians


The organ of the Nigerian Government, the Federal House of Representatives has proposed two Months electricity stimulus for Nigerians over the effect of COVID-19 lockdown in Nigeria. The proposed bill will help Nigerians reduce financial burden created by COVID-19 lockdown.

According to the Speaker of House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila, the proposed bill will touch every Nigerians household.

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He said: “The issue of electricity, you’ll agree, because the Minister did say that she has been inundated by the public, just as we are, on several suggestions and ideas and I am almost a hundred per cent sure that, from those ideas will be the issue of some kind of shelter, as far as electricity is concerned.

“It is one thing that will touch every household. As I said earlier, when we engaged, I discussed with the electricity Distribution Companies (DisCos) that packaged whatever they would require, if the government can give them, for us to allow for two months free electricity for Nigerians, they would be able to guarantee it.

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“We have figures. I think we should look very seriously into that as part of our package for economic stimulus because stimulus means something that will stimulate the economy. When you are stimulating the economy, most of it will come from the informal sector.

“When you are saving people their electricity and the fact that they now have stable electricity for two months, you are also saving the monies that would go into the payment of those bills at least for two months.”

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