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‘I’m not a Gabonese’ – Zack Orji

‘I’m not a Gabonese’ – Zack Orji
‘I’m not a Gabonese’ – Zack Orji

Nollywood veteran actor, Zack Orji, has debunked social media rumours claiming that he is from Gabon.

The renowned actor, who took to his Instagram page – @realzackorji – to express his frustration, said the falsehood was not the first about him.

He said he is a full-blooded Nigerian, who hails from Enugu, the coal city State, and proud of his Nigerian heritage.

While asking God to deal with those who originated the lies, the veteran actor said it was the same falsehood the elements spread that he was dead but he remains alive to the glory of God.

According to the actor, his parents are Nigerians.

“Not long ago, they said I was dead; by God’s grace and mercy, it turned out to be a lie from the pit of hell.

“Now, another lie from the pit of hell has emerged, this time they said that I am from Gabon. That I am not a Nigerian.

“I hereby issue a disclaimer dissociating myself from that lie. I am a full-blooded Nigerian.

“Both my parents are Nigerians; I am from Enugu State, the coal city State. I am proudly Nigerian and equally proud of my Nigerian heritage.

“God Almighty will deal with whoever originated that lie. He will deal with the liar as He deems fit,” he wrote.


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