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NBA champion, Stephen Jackson reacts to death of George Floyd, his “Twin” (Video)


Stephen Jackson, Former NBA player and ESPN analyst has reacted to the death of his friend, George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis.

Stephen Jackson on Tuesday, revealed that he and Floyd grew up in same neighbourhood in Houston, Texas while in tears in a video shared on his social media page.

“This is what I gotta wake up to, huh?” a visibly emotional Jackson said in a video he posted on Instagram on Tuesday. “This is what I gotta wake up to. Floyd was my brother, man. We called each other “Twin,” bruh. Everybody know me and Floyd called each other “Twin.” My brother was only out there in Minnesota, he was changing his life, he went to Minnesota, he was driving trucks. I just sent him two, three boxes of clothes. My boy was doing what he was supposed to do, man, and y’all go kill my brother, man. I’m on my way to Minnesota, man. Whatever I can do, can’t let this ride, dog. Y’all not going to be mad until it hits you front door.”

The 42-year-old Jackson says he’s now on his way to Minnesota, promising to help find justice for George after a cop pinned him down with a knee to the neck and wouldn’t let go.

Floyd died in Minneapolis after officers responded to a call about a forgery in progress on Monday. During the arrest, officers held down George for several minutes, kneeling on his neck despite the man telling cops he could not breathe.

The FBI is now investigating the incident while a crowd clashed with the Police while protesting Floyd’s death in Minneapolis.

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