The Black Mentor Tours USA for AAWC .

    The Black Mentor Tours USA for AAWC .
    The Black Mentor Tours USA for AAWC .

    The Black Mentor will be touring 30 cities in 6 months starting March of 2023 , are you ready ?

    This tour is to create awareness for the first ever Africa America Wealth conference coming up in September 2023 .

    Las Vegas, Nevada (September 22-24, 2023) – Investors, entrepreneurs, brokers, celebrities, real-estate tycoons, and wealth-minded individuals will be convening at the inaugural Africa-America Wealth Building Conference presented by Joseph Nantomah, also known as The Black Mentor.

    “The conference will be an impactful and exciting opportunity for investors to share ideas, gain insight, and connect with people who want to establish a financial legacy,” said Joseph Nantomah. “We are thrilled to host the first event in Las Vegas, a historic city where I have been able to expand my real estate portfolio and made so much returns! I came to the United States and became a multi-millionaire and and my successful friends , mentors and myself want to share our secrets of success with my African community and Americans who want to partner with us.”

    The inaugural Africa-America Wealth conference will tackle timely topics relevant to establishing and growing generational wealth, real estate investment , leadership, and entrepreneurship in the United states. Other topics will include how to scale a business, get funding , investment portfolios start ups in different economic climates and lots of networking with successful entrepreneurs and celebrities.


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