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Woman reveals how she was detained for 8 days by the Police because her husband Criticised Lai Mohammed” 


A Nigerian woman has disclosed that she was detained by the  police for eight days because her husband criticised, minister of information and culture, Lai Mohammed.

Dorcas Jolayemi, wife of broadcaster Rotimi Jolayemi, who was detained after recording an eight-minute audio critical of the minister and released it via WhatsApp.

Rotimi Jolayemi spent weeks in police detention before being charged with “causing annoyance” and “insult” to the minister.

In an interview with The PUNCH, his wife, Dorcas Jolayemi said the police played a recording of a phone conversation she had with her husband where she asked him to flee.

Jolayemi’s wife said she asked her husband to flee because she wanted him to be safe, and that the head of the police division called her a “stupid woman” because of that. She said;

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“They said they wanted to arrest my husband and he fled to Maro in Kwara State. They said I was the one who advised him to run away and switch off his phone. They played a recording of my phone conversation with my husband,” she said.

“Apparently, they had bugged my phone and that of my husband. I admitted that, indeed, I told my husband to run away, but it wasn’t a crime because I didn’t harbour him. I only asked him not to come home, which is what a typical wife would do.

“I heard the police wanted to arrest him and I didn’t know the reason why they wanted to arrest him. I told him to run away because I wanted him to be safe. They said for that, I would pay for it. I was brought before their boss and the man insulted me, calling me a stupid woman.

“He said I shouldn’t have advised my husband to run away. The man said I would pay for it and they took my statement. I was there from April 29 to May 6. They said it was Lai Mohammed that ordered them to arrest him.”

Dorcas said her detention was “horrible”, and that she got released when her husband presented himself to the police — a week later.

According to her, she has not seen her husband since his arrest. She said;

“The last time I saw or spoke to my husband was on May 5, 2020, the day he turned himself in at the SCID. On Thursday, which was May 7, he was taken to Abuja and since then, he has remained there.”