DRESS AND KEEP EDEN – Godson Azubike Benneth


DRESS AND KEEP EDEN – Godson Azubike Benneth

The primary assignment of the man created by God is to dress and keep Eden(Gen 2:15). So important was Eden that God made several provisions in it to keep man focused while working.

It was in Eden that food a life rules for man was provided. In Eden, man’s ability and independence was tested and approved. Man with the image and likeness of God and his many sided abilities is meant to dress and keep Eden. You are rated successful not by the resources at your disposal but in how you utilize it well in dressing and keeping Eden.

Our job description in dressing and keeping Eden differs. How well we dress and keep Eden from our peculiar assignment determines how successful we are. So important is peculiarity in dressing and keeping Eden that all creatures are busy in this assignment, even trees know their job description. In Judges 9:8-15, the olive recognized that its job description and honour is in producing fatness.

The fig admitted that in producing sweetness and good fruit it is successful. The vine said that in producing wine and cheering God and man is its fulfillment. These three trees preferred their original job description over title of kingship.

You are not just on earth to prepare to go to heaven but to bring God’s kingdom on earth with great abilities of God within you. We easily forget that the kingdom of God is within us(Luke 17:20-21). Your relevance here is in your dressing and keeping Eden(Earth) not just in religious activities.

Those who will reign for God on earth are not those obsessed with going to heaven but believers with active relationship with God and unique abilities that they will depend on to bring God’s kingdom here on earth as they dress and keep Eden. Those who will be relevant on earth are those who actively dress and keep Eden with unique abilities within them.


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