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How salt and sugar solution can cure Coronavirus – Nigerian Bishop


In an open letter written to President Muhammad Buhari and Governor Ahmadu Fintiri of Adamawa State, a Nigerian cleric Bishop Sam Zuga explained how salt and sugar solution could cure coronavirus.

The Bishop is however seeking the permission of the President to try out the formula on Nigerians with the assurance it will work wonders.

His letter reads:

“Your Excellencies, President Muhammad Buhari through Governor Ahmadu Fintiri of Adamawa State, I wish to turn Adamawa State into a medical destination like India and Germany.
I want to share with you the formula that would make Coronavirus bow; H2O+NaCl+C12H22O11+ 33°C = 37²7/322.

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It is a combination of water, salt and sugar boiled to a certain temperature. 3 teaspoons of salt, 7 cups of water fetched with plastic cup. It must be a plastic cup. The 3 spoons of salt should be added inside the water, then 7 cubes of sugar.

Place it on the fire, boil it for 7 minutes. The boiling temperature should be 33°C . When they all come together, it would become a Solution. This formula shall be served by drinking a cover of any bottle water, 3 times in the morning, 2 times in the afternoon and 2 times at night for 7 days. Those that don’t have a cover of bottle water, can use table spoons. 7 covers of any bottle water from the solution can also be added inside the bathing water of the patient.

The formula is not just for Covid -19, but for every other chronic disease. Once any patient start taking it, they should expect a reaction from the third day, regardless of how chronic or deadly the ailment is.

On the 7th day they shall receive a total healing and can go for a test/checkup in the hospital on the 8th and receive your good news.

Your Excellencies, I seek your permission to use the above mentioned Formula to heal the people of Nigeria, through a healing festival slated to commence from 14th of April, “if permission to go ahead is granted” and also to be permitted to organise same healing festival in the Six (6) Geopolitical zones within the month of April.


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