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Moment UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was wheeled OUT of ICU (Video)


UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been discharged from the ICU at St Thomas Hospital where he was receiving treatment for the coronaviurs and taken to the normal ward.

A spokesperson said on Friday,

“The Prime Minister has been able to do short walks, between periods of rest, as part of the care he is receiving to aid his recovery,” the spokeman for 10 Downing Street said.

“He has spoken to his doctors and thanks the whole clinical team for the incredible care he has received.

“His thoughts are with those affected by this terrible disease.”

The spokesman said he waved his thanks to staff as he was taken from the ICU back to a ward at St Thomas’ Hospital on Thursday evening.

A video showing the moment Boris Johnson was waving at the staff of the hospital while being wheeled out of the ICU has surfaced online.

Watch the video below.

The Prime Minister spent three nights in intensive care and received “standard oxygen treatment,” according to his spokesman, but did not require mechanical or invasive ventilation.

Johnson remains in hospital and will be taking the advice from his medical team, the spokesman said, but there are no plans for him to go to the UK Prime Minister’s countryside retreat, Chequers.


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