Nigerians are the only problem of Nigeria – Bishop Sam Zuga reveals while addressing stranded Nigerians in Dubai


    One of the most respected Clergymen in Nigeria, Bishop Sam Zuga of both House of joy ministry, and Sam zuga free medical treatment while addressing stranded Nigerian youths living in Dubai reveals that, Nigerians are the only problem in Nigeria. He also encouraged them to come back home, join forces with him to make the country a conducive place for all.

    Bishop Sam Zuga whose Philanthropic gestures has catered for millions of the less privileged recently received a handful of stranded Nigerians in his Dubai office located right inside the only 7 star hotel in the world, Burj al Arab and the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, in Dubai.

    While pacifying them and massaging their hope, the Benue State born clergy man expressed his regret over the situation of Nigerians living helplessly in Dubai.

    In this video shared on his official page on social media, Bishop Sam Zuga assured the youths of good jobs, while encouraging them to come back to Nigeria, make it a conducive and enviable for other countries.

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    Part of his message says, “I want us to go back home and start. We need to something in Nigeria that would make everyone abroad to run back home.
    We can’t be moving like orphans. We have a fertile land. We have money, we have everything.
    If Nigerians withdraw their investments in Dubai, South Africa and USA, these countries will stop existing.
    I would not talk much, but I want you to feel bad. So, lets go back and make things work.
    Let us go back, engage you, keep you busy and teach you what to do, change our land and make it look like Dubai.
    Nigeria needs to be a destination not a caste away as it is now.”

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