Home NEWS Xenophobic: Angry Protesters attack ShopRite  MTN office

Xenophobic: Angry Protesters attack ShopRite  MTN office


Xenophobic: Angry Protesters attack ShopRite,  MTN office

Angry Nigerian protesters attack Businesses owned by South Africans in Nigeria as the rumor of Xenophobic against Nigerians continues in South Africa.

OsmekNews had reported earlier that South Africa’s High Commissioner to Nigeria, Bobby  Monroe has denied the  reports of Xenophobic attacks to Nigerians in his country.

 MTN, one of the leading telecommunication Network in Nigeria was attacked in one their branch office in Uyo Akwa Ibom State by Angry Nigerians who protested against the Xenophobic attacks to Nigerians in South Africa

Nigerians retaliates as they invade ShopRite, MTN and other South African Business establishments in Lagos Nigeria. OsmekNews reports

Protesters storm Shoprite outlets in Lagos, threaten to burn them down, as more people continue to destroy items bought from S. African owned businesses

A face book user Kingsley Julius said:

”Consequential to the Xenophobic attacks, while Nigerian are reprising the attacks should be cautious of attacking businesses belonging to fellow Nigerians so that we don’t lose at both ends because even most MTN centers are owned by Nigerians, the Shoprite mall as you see, apart from the grocery stores are all owned by fellow Nigerians.

In as much as I feel boycotting all South African businesses / products and services in Nigeria is good way of handling the situation, I think we should make them feel our pain too by burning down all they control in our country”.